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Yellow and White Gold Chains


           Quality and Expertise. Zeidman's guarantee is our promise to deliver the best quality for your high end watch or jewelry purchase and make sure you are totally satisfied with your complete shopping experience. Clients who are interested in our luxury products expect quality and excellence. With four generations of experience in the industry, we aim to exceed those expectations and earn our customers’ trust for generations to come.

             Zeidman's experience, When customers buy  Jewelry at a large, retail store and try to sell or trade them later on, they are in for a surprise. Many times, they’ll receive less than 50% of what they paid. That is not the case at Zeidman's , customers will never pay retail price. The attractive price a customer receives not only allows them to enjoy the quality timepiece and or jewelry piece they desire, but also to protect their investment from future depreciation in value. We stand committed to purchase all our products back from our customers at a fair price in the future. This is a service that’s extremely valuable for customers who want to either upgrade to a

Call us for pricing: Detroit 313-567-4444 or Southfield 248-440-5760

Ladies and Mens Rings

Yellow and White Gold Pendants

At Zeidman’s we are a family owned and operated business that can provide loans as large as the biggest corporate lending institutions and small enough to suit any individual.
The watch brands and trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Zeidman’s is not and does not claim to be an "authorized" dealer of the watches we sell and has no affiliation with the respective manufacturers. All items are covered by Zeidman’s guarantee, which applies even though some items may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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